Trueful  Electronics Co., Ltd. Established in 1987, the company has always been committed to enhancing the quality of the staff, the emphasis on the implementation of professional education and training, the period in the most advanced research and development technology, fit the concept of teamwork, the reach to satisfy customer demand for the highest goal. Because of excellent quality and certainly much all shoe sales success, it has led to the company’s brand to become Taiwan’s many uninterruptible power system equipment manufacturers in the crowd. In addition, based on the business with the growing demand, the company was purchased in 1996 is located in Taipei Xizhi have moved into the Great Lakes Science Park facility 5A, higher productivity and more efficient production practices, both to enhance the quality and quantity, to create profits and share customers. The company continued electrical system products namely EPS, EPC, EPP, EPI, ESL, EFX, EPO and EPD Eight series, ranging from 280VA ~ 6KVA readily available, each product chosen by R & D team with the most advanced technology concepts to import in line with the principles of economic efficiency of the design. For example, the microcomputer program control (Microprocessor Control), complete high frequency design (High Frequency Technology), self-diagnostic test function (Self-Diagnostic) and regulator design (On Board AVR) and the like. Due to the structural design of strict application of the company’s products have also been well-known by the world as the like TUV, CE and UL certification.